At Music City Popcorn, we make the process simple, so you can focus on making the most of your fundraising efforts. Our easy, straightforward process is the best way to provide a quality product with high margins. You’re well on your way to reaching your fundraising goals!


Step 1: Request a Quote or Give Us a Call

You can start the process by requesting information here and our staff will work with you to determine how our fundraising program can work for your organization’s needs.

Step 2: Review Info & Popcorn Samples

Once you request a quote or contact us by phone we will provide you with detailed information on the Music City Popcorn fundraising program. You’ll receive detailed information, including all the facts about our program, the process, and why Music City Popcorn is the best choice for your organization. Plus, you’ll even get a sample of our delicious popcorn!

Step 3: Set a Date

Choose a time frame for your fundraiser. Because we make your popcorn when you place the order, we schedule the time to guarantee that it arrives fresh for your supporters!

Step 4: Receive Your Starter Kit

You’ll get our easy-to-understand contract which outlines all the details of our process and your specific goals. This one-page contract outlines your start and end dates, when the product ships, who pays who, and how much. There is no minimum purchase and no inventory to buy!

Step 5: Start Selling!

When your fundraiser begins, it’s time to share this irresistible product with all of your organization’s fans. With our custom order forms, fundraising participants can share the flavor and size options easily and track sales as they happen.

Step 6: Upload Your Sales

Your organizations fundraising leader enters all sales into our system, and the automated process creates an invoice for you and a work order for us. When the invoice is paid, we begin the process of making your popcorn fresh and delicious, just for you!

Step 7: Receive Your Order

Just 7-14 days after we begin the work order, your popcorn arrives pre-packed and ready to deliver.

Ready to Learn More?

Music City Popcorn makes fundraising simple and fun for schools, clubs, non-profits, music programs, marching bands more. Contact us today to find out how to reach your fundraising goals!