What is Specialty Popcorn & How Can I Order it Online?

Popcorn lovers of the world rejoice! If you love popcorn and are on the lookout for new, savory and sweet flavors, you'll be happy to know that Music City Popcorn offers some of the most fun, unique specialty popcorn flavors in the world. An added bonus? All of our popcorn flavors are made with 100% gluten free and NON-GMO ingredients and come in a variety of sizes.

While everyone knows about the classics like butter, cheese, and caramel, the possibilities are more varied than you might think! 

What is Specialty Popcorn?

There is nothing wrong with the salty and buttery goodness of a traditional bag of popcorn. However, specialty popcorn comes in many various flavors. From the familiar butter or cheese options, to distinctive flavors like Nutella Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Bark, we are delighted to offer a myriad of options for even the most devoted popcorn connoisseur. 

At Music City Popcorn, change is always in the air. The flavors are always delicious and never boring – we keep the top 10 flavors available, but also rotate specialty flavors every week and every month. Try all of the favorites, and add new ones as often as you like! 

How Can I Order it Online?

Our specialty popcorn is easy to order online. Simply pick out the combination of flavors you want to buy and add them to your cart. 

Looking to support a cause? At Music City Popcorn, we believe fundraising should be simple and profitable for all clubs and organizations. Our products have a flavor for everyone, and are ideal for schools, non-profits, clubs, marching bands, or any organization that is looking to raise money.

It also makes a great gift! Tis’ the season, and corporate gifts for the holidays are some of our favorite orders to fulfill. We love the feedback we get from our customers and their gift recipients. To place a custom corporate gift order, call us directly at 615-595-5776.

We can ship all of the boxes to you or send them directly to your recipients. Either way, you will have the option to track shipping and ensure successful delivery of this one of a kind gift.