Giving Back

At Music City Popcorn, music comes first. It’s our name, our purpose and our passion. We’re passionate about sharing our irresistible snacks for an important cause. Music education is an integral tool in fostering creativity in young minds, and we believe it should be available to all children.

Seeing the Need and Meeting the Need

When we realized that music education, an essential part of childhood development, was poorly funded in schools across the country, we took action. Often, the teachers, students and parents involved are responsible for providing the necessary resources and materials to continue their school music programs. We believe that every child should have access to music education because of its positive influence on social, emotional and academic growth. That’s why we created Music City Popcorn to give music programs and marching bands fundraising opportunity that would help them raise money and keep the music playing.

Organization We Support

In addition to providing a unique fundraiser for music students, we also give back a portion of our profits to support numerous not-for-profit organizations for music, such as, National Association for Music Education, Save The Music and the CMA Foundation.